Quick, easy student breakfasts

No matter how much time you have in the morning there is always time for food, from savory to sweet and oats to fruit. 

1. Overnight oats

Personally, I love breakfast and when I say love, I mean I love, love breakfast! Okay perhaps that was a bit overboard but how many other meals can you have a day that can be sweet fruity and delicious; or savory if that’s your thing.

Having recent experience as a busy GCSE and now college student, I have picked out my favourite and in my opinion the best plant-based breakfast ideas when you gotta get to work, want to eat but also want to be healthier!

1. Overnight Oats

Classic and well known, it is a popular go to for many working people as its nutritious, allows flavourful creativity and above all else satiating. The best thing of all is you don’t really need a recipe, just remember:

1/2 cup of rolled or quick oats and 1/2 cup of plant milk

It really is that simple – all that’s left is banging it in the refrigerator to take on the go or to eat up at home. Best of all all the flavours are up to you so you can spice it up everyday to keep your your taste buds intrigued…

Lemon and poppy seed – lemon juice, poppy seeds & agave syrup | peanut butter, cacao & banana | strawberry & peach | Mexican twist – avocado, sweetcorn and tomato salsa…. And to be continued 🙂 


2. Smoothies

Each to there own, I know quite a few people may hate smoothies but just keep an open mind – maybe you just haven’t tried the right one yet? But if you’re still in you’re old anti-smoothie ways feel free to scroll on. Smoothies are amazingly versatile can can take less thank 5 minutes to make. Not to mention your body gets to receive generous amounts of fibre; which is great for your microbiome, hydration; which you would really be surprised at how many of us lack and lets not forget all the vitamins and minerals people!

In addition to that if you, like many, are on a student budget smoothie allow you to buy plenty of frozen fruit in bulk which is a huge money saver and often makes nicer, cooler smoothies just as an added bonus. 

Now, I lived off of smoothies for a full two years, five days a week so you can believe me when I say these are an awesome option.


3. Toast

Yes, yes toast may be basic and go back god knows how many years but let’s be honest. It’s quick easy and often a natural reflex to make. Also, toast can be celebrated as a healthy and nutritious food adding variety and flavour into a routine. Wholemeal toast is a completely underrated source of protein with 5g in only one slice, so two slices of wholemeal bread alone is already a quarter of your recommended daily intake, not to mention what you can put on it.

The superior choice: Banana and almond butter… or peanut if you must

However there’s also, yogurt and blueberries, tomato and hummus, spinach and tofu, mashed peas and cucumber. Anything you desire.

4. Protein Oats


Protein Oats

Keyword breakfast, Oats
Prep Time 5 minutes
Servings 1


  • 40 g Rolled Oats
  • 30 g protein powder flavoured or unflavoured
  • 1 tsp sweetener of choice
  • added flavourings like cacao or maca optional


  • Boil hot water
  • While that is happening combine the protein powder and oats into a bowl, mixing them together
  • Pour roughly 1/2 to 1 cup of hot water, sweetener and optional ingredients to the bowl of oats and protein mixing until desired consistency is reached
  • Simply top with what you like and enjoy!

I know there are way to many oats on this list, but they are super good and this one of late happens to be my very favourite!:)

Did you know, that protein is the most satiating macronutrient, so eating more protein can naturally keep you fully for longer, which I’m certainly not gonna argue with. Not to mention on a plant-based diet it is always best to get hefty protein sources in where possible just to make sure you’re getting enough. 

Either way I definitely recommend you try this breakfast as you won’t regret it.

5. Chia pudding

Chia pudding is very similar to overnight oats in how it’s made but is different in many ways in it’s consistency and why it may be the perfect breakfast for you. Chia, being a seed is very low on carbohydrates making this the perfect healthy, keto breakfast. In addition to this, the omega 3 contained within chia seeds in invaluable on a plant-based diet as the nutrient is only really abundant in fish.

Unlike the heavy texture of oats, chia pudding is much more light and less filling which may be perfect for a late breakfast for when you don’t want to much and are obviously much more more friendly to those who are gluten free.

6. No breakfast

I am definitely not promoting that skipping breakfast is healthy, or that eating it is – however, there is no scientific evidence that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast debunked!

The importance of breakfast is different for every person varying on your routine, the time you wake up, work, mood, the influence of breakfast growing up and appetite.

It is perfectly fine to skip breakfast if you are not hungry as intuitive eating and listening to our actual hunger cues is something we need to do more in society to improve the our health. In addition to this, breakfast is by definition is breaking a fast therefore, skipping breakfast on average can lengthen’a person’s fast to 10 – 12 hours which is beneficial in a few way as it can lower your blood sugar and initiate gluconeogenesis. This is when all glycogen reserves have been used up and your body is now increasing your calorie burn by generating glucose from body fat.

Not bag, huh?

Bottom line, eat breakfast if you want to.

“the most important meal of the day is your most important meal of the day."

Jamie Waters

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