BRitain's best biscuits you didn't know were vegan

Biscuits. We all all love them (at least to  a small extent) with a tea or coffee. Whatever your preference, think you couldn’t go vegan without them? Read on!

As the numbing cold sets in – or as Ned Stark would say, ‘winter is comin’ ‘ with a nonchalantly delightful northern dialect – we Britons prepare to acquiescently get out of bed, go to work, argumentatively walk the dog. So, what could possibly be better than a nice, hot beverage and a biscuit to warm up the day.  

However, our choice of biscuit may be the most vital choice we ever to make.

Within this article I have included some of the most appreciated biscuits in Britain, but in their vegan versions. It is important to mention any biscuit today exists in a vegan form – any! (BOOM!) Wow! I know! However, I have only included vegan biscuits available on the high street compared to online as it is more realistic of people’s grocery shopping habits.

Foremost, I need to mention the differentiation between accidentally vegan and officially vegan food products. Accidentally vegan food products have no animal derived products stated on the ingredient list but are instead stated vegetarian with a ‘may contain’ warning. This means that the food item is manufactured within a factory that also handles dairy or egg products, but by no means is in the same machinery. Therefore, the food product cannot be labelled vegan, because those with a dairy or egg allergy may consider this 100% risk free to eat, which is ever so slightly not the case as there is risk for cross contamination. Despite this, these products are often still vegan – so don’t worry! A perfect example of this would be Galaxy’s new vegan chocolate bars which are labelled officially vegan, but still state may contain traces of milk’ because the chocolate is manufactured in the Galaxy factory.

Got it? Okie-dokie.

1. Digestives - plain, chocolate & twists

One of the most iconic biscuits of Britain, around since the 1839 – these bad boys are not only extremely versatiles, widely available, but also 100% vegan as of October 2019. So there’s a perfect pairing with your morning english breakfast tea!

Despite this, digestives have not been as popular as other more exotic biscuits over the years which has led to McVitie’s invention of digestives twists including, McVitie’s Choc Chip & Coconut as well as McVities Choc Chip & Caramel Bits which are also vegan. (YASS!)

Furthermore, if your preference is chocolate coated digestives, Tesco’s own brand plain dark chocolate digestives are also vegan.



The best chocolate chip vegan cookies by far are McVitie’s Choc Chip Hobnobs, believe me – I’ve spent two years as a vegan incessantly on my quest for the perfect vegan biscuit and this it it! In addition, McVitie’s Original Hobnobs are also vegan – perfect if you want a tad more chewiness and sweetness.



Ahhhhh… The jackpot of vegan cookies – the oreo biscuit to be hailed and made a saint! Yes, believe it or not this biscuit is classed as accidentally vegan because as mentioned it is manufactured in a factory that contains milk but has no animal derived ingredients. 

The full vegan oreo selection includes ANY version of the oreo biscuit, including oreo thins, with the exception of any chocolate coated oreos.                                    

4. Bourbon biscuits

A close competitor to oreos – or even better in my opinion – is the classic bourbon biscuit. Have you ever wondered why the biscuits and the spirit is called the same? I have no idea.

Almost all versions of bourbon biscuits are vegan, but always check the label because if milk is in bold, it is clearly not vegan. It is also important to note that Fox’s Bourbon Biscuits are NOT vegan.

5. Bournville fingers

Only recently released, these fingers are made out of 48% dark chocolate containing no milk solids coating a crumbly, crunchy biscuit and are therefore vegan; thank you Cadbury’s! The are so far sold at most major grocery stores including ASDA and Tesco.

6. Jammie dodgers

A very popular biscuit, but honestly – have no idea why! (Even though they are named after me. 😉 ) These biscuits once again, have been made officially vegan – but only the official Jammie Dodger brand –  so you can consume these by the crumb or by the handful knowing no animals were hurt in the creation of these biscuits! They are widely available and special edition flavours are also vegan.

7. lotus biscoff

Delicious, extravagant and sumptuous – this biscuit is full of caramelised deliciousness and officially vegan – even including the biscoff spread! The Lotus Biscoff Biscuits and the Lotus Biscoff Sandwich Original both apply and are widely available.

8. Shortbread (a tricky one)

The vast majority of shortbread is not vegan due to its high compositon of dairy based butter or margerine. However, there are two high street brands of shortbread I highly recommend which are based on palm and rapeseed oil as an alternative. Boots offers the Silver Crane Tin of shortbread for £8.50, which is a bargain and a perfect christmas present!                                                                                                               Holland & Barrett stock their own brand vegan & gluten-free tin of original & chocolate chip shortbread– sounds delish! 🙂 

9. Party rings

Yep, one of the rarities. The majority of Fox’s biscuits are not vegan but Fox’s party Rings make a sweet acception.

10. fig rolls

This may not be everyone favourite, fruit in a biscuit – how dare that have been invented! Well, is it a biscuit or a pastry or a cake? Anyway, there are a delightful selection of fig rolls however, whether the fig rolls you find in your supermarket are vegan is hit and miss so I thoroughly recommend always checking the ingredients label as for example, Tesco’s and Asda’s fig rolls are NOT vegan.

The guaranteed vegan brands include, Boland’s Fig Rolls and McVitie’s and are stocked at most major grocery chains.


Jamie Waters

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