About Me

About Me

Hi my name is Jamie! I am a passionate young vegan, enthusiastic to modify our mindset and actions towards our planet, people and health. Over the course of my young childhood I have always had an absolute love for animals! But then again - hum - did I truly love animals - or only pets?

Anyway, to give you a bit about me (since you're here) obviously I also love food and my pretty much only hobby of cooking revolves around that. Although a tough decision, I would have to say my three favourites are: Pizza, banana bread and blueberries - perhaps an odd mix, but I don't care. I also live with a border collie, named Amber, who is my loyal friend, so if I'm not around food, I'm around her! I am also quite passionate about travel - when I'm older I would love to move to the US as I think the landscapes of mountain ranges are just astronomical!

Currently, I'm a student living in the United Kingdom, West Midlands completing doing my GCSEs. Due to this I find most of my personal time is consumed by studying - but one thing you should know is when I want a good break or switch off, the first thing I'll do is grab a good book! My preference is usually classic novels or quite philosophical fiction. Iv'e got to admit, currently I don't know if I'll be able to afford university because my bank account does like to be spent at fast pace on coffee shops or a good old vegan restaurant. Fabulous! Who can resist a matcha latte?


Now this isn’t a narrative, and certainly not a novel – otherwise we’re going to be here a reallyyy long time… I suppose my main story began in 2017, as I happily abandoned the West Midlands to venture on my metamorphic adventure into to the United States of America. I had never properly had a holiday abroad by this time – it was usually the annual two week stay in Cornwall (the classic British holiday if you ask anyone). By this point however, a few considerate life events had already played their part which primarily impact me today; some of the many reasons I am bringing to you the Nuts & Bluebs blog. So as I left and saw and experienced and conquered, I identified some of the tallest skyscrapers in New York, discovered the copious history of Boston, explored the monumental landscape of New Hampshire – which could be nothing but an infinite panorama of natural beauty – Oh how bountiful she stood!!

(Enough reminiscing) – But wow – the delightful array of food!! My Aunt was definitely the #1 American home cook… So, (I said) let’s get cooking…

By the time I returned from America, I have no better description but that my soul and life had been ripped away from me, planted – in America… And yet somehow I was in the United Kingdom? It has felt that way ever since – so once I’ve completed my education – I know where I belong! As well as this, with the diverse inspiration of cooking at my fingertips I began making everything; tomato soup, lasagne, macaroni cheese, spinach omelettes with tomato salsa, pulled pork and grilled corn… WAIT – yes by THIS time I was not vegan, but please – read on. The recipes I began cooking, you could say were quite simplistically eloquent as I delved into the realm of Jamie Oliver. This magnified my cooking techniques greatly, from chopping to basting but I also discovered performance athlete and vegan, Tim Shieff. As I buoyantly watched one of his recipe videos he expressed,

“I went vegan – just tried it – and have stuck with it ever since.”

I became optimistic, and immediately wanted to switch “just to try it”, so I did a little research, which to my dismay, sounded quite dubious. I brought it up with my mother who – although did not profess against it – was quite apathetic towards the idea – thus, I instead went vegetarian August 2017. 

(Phew… half was through!)

During this time, I further extended my cooking with a growing passion for the hobby. I cooked every meal (apart from pizza night every four weeks), each meal was different; plunging into different cuisines. In addition, I cooked practically every meal for my mother, who didn’t mind at all as she lost weight! Through this I also found a new enthusiasm for nutrition, hey… does anybody know a plant-based nutrition study course? Then I discovered some of my past life experiences were finally beginning to mount up on top of me…


(Prolepsis)… Two years had bolted by and within the concluding days of December 2018, not only had I relocated ten miles South in the West Midlands but my eating disorders started to envelop me again, and I was on the verge of drowning in my psychological restrain, anxiety and despair. So I tried, and made the connection. On the 1st January 2019, I decided to make the change – having now profusely watched Cowspiracy, What the Health and Forks over Knives – I took part as a participant in Veganuary, which consisted of a thirty-one day pledge to go vegan. On the late evening of December 31st 2018 I disclosed my thoughts and emotions to the coming future in my journal,

“I know it’s right for me, those around me, definitely animals and survival. It sounds ironic but I feel, as tomorrow draws near, excitement with a sense of freedom, as that’s what I’ll have.”

So vegetarianism ended. I was engulfed with so much education on veganism within the sectors of: animal rights, health, the environment and nutrition. (Pss.. A vegan diet is BETTER for your nutrition!) I haven’t looked back since and I did achieve my freedom as it truly was a fresh page, chapter and start for me – with no symptoms of my eating disorders to the present, because having the confidence and courage to love all animals, value all others and benefit the world is immeasurable to any life difficulty. Each day you get up doing one good thing in the world – you are already achieving.

Over the past eight months I have begun to develop and adapt recipes to create my own, I have eagerly wanted to share my passion and enthusiasm with you (which is currently filling up my Instagram). Also as I’ve been watching fellow food bloggers and entrepreneurs I aspire to be like. I desperately wanted to go further and possibly put my fulfillment and passion into a later career. But, of course I felt nutty (get it…) for even considering the concept. However, as I already had a blog mapped out – name, domain, hosting – I attended a local vegan festival. It was absolutely dazzling, bursting my confined bubble of only personal ethics and traits, apart from social media, I couldn’t share with anyone else. I felt elated to be around my fellow vegan community. The conversations I had with people were engaging and insightful, I asked two vegan business owners their advice to pursue a career (or hobby) in veganism or animal activism.

Their reply was.. “Just do it!” 

You could say in the least I wasn’t expecting the Nike slogan, but EUREKA – it made perfect sense, “just try it, just do it!” So here I am today – constructing my blog on 13th August 2019, but please – I need your help to do this; support and community. So will you let me explore a plant-based lifestyle with you?

Make the change. Be the change,

Jamie xx


Foremost, I would like to thank Caitlin Shoemaker as she gave me tremendous inspiration to carry out what I love and present you with Nuts & Bluebs. but she also made me realize the depth of my passion for wholesome, healthy food and that it is what I want to pursue in the future. Be sure to check out her amazing blog From My Bowl brimming with fabulous, easy to follow, vegan recipes.

In addition, I would also love to thank Jamie Oliver as himself and his team originally motivated and guided me into the kitchen with technique, competence and one of the most important ingredients – enthusiasm. 

I would also like to show gratitude to Nutrition Stripped (McKel Kooienga), Sweet Potato Soul (Jenne Claiborne) and The Happy Pear (Dave & Steve) as they have all given me marvelous guidance in nutrition, recipes and creating my own!

Finally, I need to thank my Aunt Liz for those first two weeks in August 2017, because otherwise I wouldn’t be cooking today and Uncle Wayne, thank you for those cheeky grins, laughs and encouragement as well as always trying my food never mind how bad it might be. xx

“Make the change, be the change”