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Hi my name is Jamie; I am a passionate young vegan, enthusiastic to modify our mindset and actions towards our planet, people and health. Over the course of my young childhood I have always...



Biscuits. We all all love them (at least to  a small extent) with a tea or coffee. Whatever your preference, think you couldn’t go vegan without them? Read on!

Filling, fast and one of the most scrumptious breakfasts you can have ready as soon as you swing your legs out of bed. Did I mention that these have the ultimate creaminess factor?

Only 8 ingredients, simple, sugar- free, easy, vegan and even gluten-free. Need I say more? Now get baking this fabulous treat, perfect for a dessert, snack or breakfast!

Healthy, easy, wholesome: this recipe is packed with protein, nutrition and complex carbs and all cooked in one pot within 15 minutes! Simple.

I’m sorry, but is there anything truly better: silken, smooth, smokey and cheesy. There is no other alternative especially when this is dairy-free, healthy and simple ingredients!

Curious about the changes and experiences you gain from a vegan lifestyle? Curious about the benefits or challenges? Or do you possibly just what to grasp an insight as to what veganism is like? Well, read on!

Sweet, creamy and indulgent – this bowl provides comfort and satiation; perfect for the winter mornings or a healthy, nourishing dessert! 

Berries, bananas, bursting full of goodness – whether you’re a smoothie hater or lover, this collection of easy to make beverages will be perfect for the new year and a January health boost!

Being both soft and sweet, with a subtle chewiness – this gingerbread is oil-free, a measure of healthy, wholesome ingredients as well as easy to make! A perfect treat for all the family this Christmas!

We all see them in the supermarkets; those oblong, pale egg shell coloured squash, the question is… “What an earth would I do with one?” Well, here is the perfect recipe…

Perfect for fall; perfect for all year round! These crisp yet chewy, wholesome yet sweet and ever so moreish cookies take me right back to my childhood and hopefully yours too!

"Veganism is not about being perfect. It is about doing the least harm and the most good."

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